Sunday, August 12, 2007


Wow its been a long time since an update. Since most of the major restoration has been done, we are only doing a little bit at a time now so I have been waiting for there to be enough for a big update. Here it is!

Major upgrades to the whole air induction system on the car - a new Ceramic air induction pipe has been fitted through the front bumer right the way into a new K & N air filter and K & N cold air feed pipe. Also a stainless steel heat shield has been applied to the air filter.

Rust treatment was up next and Jim got rid of the rust that was making the boot leak, filled in holes near the back windows, petrol cap and wheel arches and painted them in the pearl effect paint so the back wings look almost brand new! The 'before' pictures are the ones shown here, the 'after' pictures will be in the next update.

The exterior of the car now looks virtually flawless, so I guess it'll be more interior work for the next update :)


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