Monday, October 16, 2006


A bit of a break in the updates there due to illness but back now with a bit more to report on the Soarer.

We now have a brand new double din stereo off ebay to put in the Soarer - it originally had a state-of-the-art (for the time) Technics tape(!) player and radio but since we don't use tapes and it was Japanese radio only we had no choice but to replace it.

In the photo below the speakers and stereo on the left are the old one and the stereo on the right is the new one - it doesn't look like much at the moment because it is off but I will get a photo of the full screen display when it is fitted. It has got the lot - Mini disc, MP3, Ipod link, CD, DVD and SD card compatibility!

Our electrician friend is still working on the alternator by cannibalising bits from the one we bought so we still haven't got the Soarer up and running but we will soon Im sure.

Also, we are trying to get adapters for the wheels to fit Jims awesome BBS wheels that he already has and some black paint to paint the old ones in case we can't get the new ones to fit.

We are having some trouble getting hold of the right colour paint so that we can take out the two-tone effect and have the car totally white though.

Hope to have the car running by the next update.


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