Saturday, October 28, 2006

More progress

Plenty of things have happened since the last update and plenty of new pictures to show.

First of all we received the TRD oil filter that we ordered and it looks very nice (and official!).

Next up, Jim fixed the lethal fuel tank that seemed as though it was going to fall off by re-bolting it through the boot floor. He's also painted the exhaust silver so it doesn't look so old :)

We got the alternator back from our friend too, but unfortunately it is only half fixed because we can't find a bearing big enough - seems like they dont do them anymore :( If anyone out there has one please let us know :)
We did get the onboard TV to switch on for a bit though, its a shame I didnt get a photo before it cut out.

Jim has painted the badges back to their original glory and has also sprayed the windscreen wipers so they look virtually brand new. Once we get the alternator working it'll almost be like a regular working car!


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