Sunday, March 04, 2007

New coat of paint

Plenty has been going on in the world of Soarer upgrades, we have a long long list of things we still want to do to it though.

Recently Jim has:

Fixed the speedometers loose connections
Fixed the indicator flashing speed
Fixed the lethally rusted fuel tank holder
Installed new indicators
Installed new Magnacore performance ignition leads
Painted the bumpers with the special layered pearl effect

Unfortunately, the windscreen has got a crack in it which is rapidly increasing in size so it looks like we'll somehow have to find a replacement screen which could be hard with so few Soarers about.

In the near future Jims planning to go to England with it for a major upgrade session - to fit these wheels and get a custom exhaust made and fitted. Once thats all done and we've painted the bottom half of the car to match the top, the externals will be virtually finished.

Jim fitted new indicators (pictured) but they haven't turned out as well as we had hoped so we will have to try and find some official ones which could be difficult.

We have new brake hoses on order as well because although it'd be nice to get performance enhancers first, we'd like to actually be able to survive it as well :)


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