Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tonnes of work

Over the last couple of weeks, Jim has been doing up the Soarer no end - we're really getting into it.

Things that have been done:

Fixed horn from squeky nothingness to proper horn sound.
Changed engine oil and oil filter.
Changed water and antifreeze for the radiator.
Changed automatic gearbox oil.
Bled brakes and put in new brake fluid - they come in quite useful at the speeds it drives at :)
Fixed front windscreen wipers, now we just have to fix the very busted rear one.
Fixed the arm rest / center console.
Fixed the power button on the gearbox, previously it was shorting out all the electrics and blowing a fuse every time it was pressed.
Changed power steering fluid.
Got some pearl white paint in order to paint over the filler which has countered the rust on the wheel arches.
Fitted new exhaust trim and tailpipe - pictures up soon!
Front grill sprayed black and GTR sticker added to it - looks really mean.

Phew! Good job Im not the one doing any of this stuff! Much kudos to Jim though.


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