Thursday, April 26, 2007

More great progress

Wow we have had some setbacks but all in all a ton of great news about restoring the Soarer.

First of all, Jim has hooked up the bumper cam (see last set of pictures) to the stereos TV so you can get out of blind entrances no problem even in the dark! Its so cool, I'll definately have to post a video of it in action.

The Soarer took a trip to England to open up the taps a little and to get the new custom exhaust fitted which rocks and makes the car more thunderous than ever :)

Next up we have already managed to get a new windscreen from Toyota but we're not fitting it yet in case anything else bad happens to it. We're keeping it as a reserve for now until the crack destroys the original.

Also, we have got a door hinge and one of the official indicators - they dont stock the one for the other side apparently!

The brake lines FINALLY came down after weeks of hearing that they were just about to arrive, too so we can actually survive the drifting Jim does :)

We also have the Kendo wheels and even the perennially delayed center speaker on their way down.


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